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A Perfect 10

Friday, October 29th, 2010

My friends, Bekah & Lewis, got married on 10.10.10. It also happened to be the 10th wedding that I have shot. It was sweet for so many reasons:
1. Bekah and Lewis were made for each other. I have witnessed Bekah wait for Lewis (before we knew who he was), and it is a joy to see him enter her life. I am thankful that because Bekah is my friend, Lewis is now my friend.
2. Another friend, West Vita, helped me shoot the day. I could not have asked for a better photographer.
3. Bekah’s family has had a very significant place in my family’s life. Her 3 siblings mean a lot to me. My kids always end up in her parents’ laps during church–eager for hugs and peppermints.
4. Our whole community rallied together to love Bekah and Lewis and join in celebrating this day. The pastor who married them, the cake decorator, the artist who drew the invitation, and the members of the band at the reception are all close friends.
5. Oh. . . and we got permission to use the empty Alamo Stadium for some once in a lifetime shots right after the ceremony. How perfect is that!
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We covered five–yes five–locations on the wedding day (two separate homes, the chapel, Alamo Stadium, and Lost Mission for the reception). Bekah got ready in a home in the King William district where her friends live. She has been living in their back house and sharing life with their busy family of seven! When Lewis was a little kid he drew a picture of this home for an art class. Now an architect, he was surprised to find out that Bekah actually lives in this home. He proposed up there in that turret.

I think that this is what it looks like when a younger sister looks at her bigger sister in her wedding dress and is full of joy:

And this is Celeste surveying Bekah in her dress on her wedding day. Celeste has a special place in Bekah’s heart. Together, the two of them have shared meals, outings, family trips, conversations, and adventures together.

Words are really important to Bekah. She is a skilled writer. She wrote a letter to Lewis for him to open while getting ready.

Both took turns saying the vows that they had written together.
“I, Bekah/Lewis, take you, Lewis/Bekah, to be my husband/wife.
To delight in your happiness,
And rejoice in your growth,
To be sad when you are sad,
And to help and comfort you.
In difficulty I will run toward you.
In strife I will forgive you, because Jesus forgave me.
I will trust you and tell you the truth.
And while I promise to choose you over anything else in this world,
I will not look to you to provide what only Jesus can.
Until death parts us, with all of my spirit and body
I am for you.”
None of us had ever seen Bekah so happy.

No, it’s not a technically perfect photo, but it is an emotionally perfect photo. I challenge anyone to find a better reaction of exuberance from both bride and groom after walking back down the aisle as husband and wife.

Bekah & Lewis’ wedding party made my job so much easier as a photographer. They went to bat for their friends.

Check out Celeste checking them out:

It felt like the world stopped a bit for them. . .

Lee is Bekah’s childhood friend and maid of honor. She and Rex got married a couple weeks earlier.

St. Vincent and the Grenandines provided the great music. You can find them here. The reception was at Lost Mission in the Hill Country.

These four young women have taken the same strangely cropped, shoe shot for a couple of years. Now they’ve welcomed Lewis into “the inner circle”:

Friends and family with noise makers sent them off.