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Michael Steed & Shelby Ames’ Wedding Weekend Celebrations (part 2)

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I had the privilege of photographing three separate celebrations for the family and friends of Michael Steed and Shelby Ames the weekend of March 18th. It was a weekend full of emotion and beauty. I enjoyed getting to know these two families better.

Friday evening, we enjoyed dinner at Club Giraud on the Riverwalk. Pizzini Designs created the floral arrangements.

I like this in both color and b&w.

Friends and family feasted, conversed, watched an emotional video of childhood photos, toasted to the couple, cried and laughed over dinner.

I think there is something sacred about the way two people look at each other when they are in love.

I have decided that if I live to see any of my children get married, I am not going to try to hold back the tears. If watching photos of your child (or only sister) growing up and falling in love doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what will. I hope Claire and Sara (Shelby’s sister and mom) aren’t embarrassed by this photo. I think that there is a lot of raw and beautiful emotion in it.

Watching the video didn’t just elicit tears. It also brought out periods of laughter too.

This is Michael’s best man toast. It included a discussion about Michael’s past use of pick up lines. Even though he was able to keep a straight face during the toast. . .

. . . no one else was able to.

Michael’s uncle’s toast:

This is Shelby’s response to hearing Michael’s words of thankfulness.

What a treasure for a father and daughter to share a laugh like this the night before a wedding!

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