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Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Our friends, Bekah and Lewis, invited us to their neighborhood, Dignowity Hill, to watch The 7th Annual Pushcart Derby this spring. It’s hard to describe the event well. It is a set of races that combine art and athletics with a semi cult-like following. The spectators included neighbors, families, luchador wannabes, barefoot backpackers, biking enthusiasts, runners, and this mom with her three kids.

Before the event, each team of participants builds a push cart. Two people run behind the cart and push. A third team member steers the cart up and around a grass covered hill. You can earn points for a creative cart. After a series of heats, the fastest team wins. It may be low tech, but it is super fun to watch. Enjoy!

No, you’re not seeing double. Note how the cart resembles one of its creators.

Welcome to San Antonio, folks. . .

Some of my favorite people all in one place
Travis, next year is your year to enter. We would all love to cheer you on.

You can see my crew looking on in the bottom left side of the frame.



Thank you, Bekah and Lewis, for inviting us to spend the afternoon with you. Thank you, Dignowity Hill, for creating such a cool event for all of SA to enjoy.