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Young Marriage/ Old House/ New Baby

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

I have known Bekah through many life stages–as a daughter and sister, as an intern, as a single woman, as an engaged woman, as a product manager, as a world traveler, as a writer, as a married woman, and now as a mom.


Throughout all of these transformations, she has remained my friend.

And Bekah has known me through the years as well.  She has watched my family grow and change.  And she has participated in my growth as a photographer often as my “willing subject” for photography assignments–both those assigned by my teachers and those self-assigned.  I think I have done more photo shoots with her than anyone else–other than  my own family members.

I first photographed Bekah as a daughter here in January of 2009:


I photographed her in a parking lot here later in 2009:


and in another parking lot (HERE),

during an engagement shoot here:


as a bride (HERE),

and on her wedding day on 10.10.10 (HERE),

I snapped this shot when I first met Moira this past spring:



In December, Bekah and her husband Lewis invited me to tell the story of their life with their precious daughter, Moira, in their old house in San Antonio.  How could I possibly say no to that?




































Bekah, you are one loved woman.  I see God’s work and care for you in your life over the years.  I see the beauty in your story.  I am thankful that I know you.



Bekah & Lewis, you all are such a perfect match for each other.  Your daughter is a delightful little alert and happy person–the perfect addition to your family.

Maybe one day I will get to photograph her when she becomes a mom.

Hailey is 13.

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

My niece turned 13 this month.  I wanted to give her a photo shoot for her birthday.

Happy birthday, dear Hailey!  I enjoyed spending time with you this weekend.






Callie’s Family

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


A few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon with my friend Callie and her family. Callie and I “met” online while taking a photography course. After figuring out that she lived in Austin and I lived in San Antonio (about 1 1/2 hrs. apart), we met in the middle in a town called New Braunfels. Since then, we’ve met every few months to talk shop and hang out. We have grown as friends and photographers in the last couple of years.

Callie’s work reminds me of clean, white, crisp hotel sheets. It’s classic and substantive. She isn’t after “flash”, she is after emotional connection. Take a look and see what I mean by clicking HERE.

A year or so ago, she proposed a photo swap. I would shoot her family then she would shoot mine. After months of patient waiting (on her part!), we finally scheduled it and made it happen.


This was kind of my dream shoot. I felt like I could shoot like “me” and be myself.
I came to capture their home life and tell their story.


Callie’s daughter is a spirited girl with spunk to spare. She is a straight-shooter.
At one point during the shoot, all she could think about was a jelly sandwich. We took a break and grabbed a bite to eat. She got her wish. I could have photographed her eating for hours.


Callie’s son is an inquisitive, interactive boy and an eager learner. It was so fun to meet him in person after seeing him in so many photos.




Super Mom meets Super Girl.


My favorite kids’ author/illustrator + creative use of a book = girl genius (in my mind)




Thanks so much, Callie, for letting me get to know you and your family.
Thank you for busting you tail to take photos of my family. Can’t wait to see the finished result!
Mike, you worked so hard too! Thanks for making it easy for me.

The Williams Family

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Meet the Williams Family.

This is one of the reasons why the Williams’ backyard is littered with all kinds of sports equipment.
Dad was a great catcher.
Curious George took one for the team.
Trammell knocked it out of the ballpark (and luckily, not into my lens).

A mom is someone who can turn this. . .

. . . into this. What a privilege!

It is hard to keep up with Alan and Trammell.
The two of them have regular races on their driveway.

Teammates Matter. 🙂

Boot wearing takes balance.

Have you ever been so happy that your toes curl?

Thank you, Amanda and Alan, for inviting me to document your life with your two babies!

Carter turns 8

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

I love this guy.

I took these on Carter’s 8th birthday, 11/17/12.
There’s so much that I could say about how amazing he is and how beautiful and challenging our relationship is, but a single blog post just can’t hold it all.

This series of three makes me happy:

Carter wants to be Johnny Manziel.
Carter thinks omlettes should be called egglets.
He knows how old he will be when, Lord willing, we pay off our house.
He understands the general concepts of borrowing and lending money.
He asked me about estimated quarterly federal income tax when he was about 6.
Carter is passionate about art.
When he raises his eyebrows his whole head of hair moves forward and backward almost like a helmet.
Carter is a collector at heart.
He quizzes Greg regularly about WWII military history and modern political science.
Right now, he can’t wait to add more slides to his power point presentation about lemurs in Spanish.
Carter will take a lifetime to even begin to understand him.

Maybe we should check out the BMX bike course in town???

Happy Spring

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Last spring, Harrison and his friends released some butterflies that had hatched in their class with the help of their teacher, Mrs. Miller.

And a couple of favorites from inside the classroom . .
Building tracks.

Circle time.

What 9 Looks Like

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Emmie turned 9 on 2.26.12.

We took a little time out of our day to mark this milestone with a few photos.

It is wonderful to see green again in San Antonio after a couple of summers of severe drought.

Bright & Beautiful

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Remember the Bright family HERE?

Luke is now a proud big brother. A sweet little girl has been added to the mix.

Thank you, Brights, for asking me to photograph this next stage in your family’s life.

Eric, Andrea, and Cole

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Please meet my cousin, Andrea, and her sweet family. They met me up at my parents’ home for this photo shoot.

Thank you, Andy, Eric, and Cole, for inviting me to photograph your family. I enjoyed spending time with you! You guys were a pleasure to photograph.


Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Yes, I am playing major catch up. For every one photo I blog, there are probably about 3 blog-able “keepers” on my hard drive. I never promised that I would be a prompt blogger. It is what it is. When was Carter’s birthday you ask? November 17th. Yes, I’m that far behind in some of my blogging.

But even though I’ve been slow to blog his birthday, I am super excited about this very special 7 year old.

I try to take a picture of each of my kids on their actual birthday. So here is Carter on 11.17.11 at the location he chose, one of our local missions.

This one wall (pictured above) makes me think of my friend, Carrie because I have photographed her there.

There is something about the colors and light and his eyes in this photo that I love.

Carter picked up on the “special-ness” of this dimly lit place. This is one of my favorites from the day.

An in-between moment that captured a typical Carter expression in front of golden, glow-y goodness:

Carter genuinely enjoyed this time that we shared together. I am so glad that he understands that I take photos of him because I deeply love him.