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Ballet Recital 2013

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Emmie danced in her second recital this summer.
We are thankful for all of the wonderful instruction she has received from Connally’s Dance Workshop.

We enjoyed a lot of skilled and beautiful dancing in different styles.
If Emmie sticks with it, she has a lot to look forward to . . .

Emmeline, I enjoy watching you dance! You have worked really hard, and it is paying off.

Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

I don’t really shoot bar and bat mitzvahs, but I do for the Gurwitz family. Rachel has been my friend ever she taught my daughter, Emmie, in kindergarten. I have enjoyed seeing their family grow the last few years.

Thank you, Callie, for shooting the rehearsal with me. I knew you would do a great job.

Thank you, Gurwitzes, for the kindness that you have shown me.
Rachel, I appreciate your friendship so very much.

Good, Clean Fun

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Our new friend, Tito, turned 8 recently. The kids and I got to celebrate his birthday with him. We had a wonderful time! It was great to get to know his family. And the super tall, inflatable slide and bubble tub that they rented were so much fun!

Carter was dishing it out.

Retaliation. . .

Thank you, Tito, for having us at your party. We are looking forward to getting to know your family better.

Andy & Kristan are Married (part 3)

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Kristan and Andy had their reception at the Westin Riverwalk.
As a photographer, I love coming here–bright and clean rooms for getting ready, a professional staff, a great location, and beautiful grounds.

This shot occurred right after one of my favorite moments of the entire day. I asked Andy if he would be willing to let us take some photos of him and Kristan on the balcony. His response was this, “You are great photographers. We know how hard you work and that you are getting great shots. Whatever you want–we’ll make it happen. Just tell us what to do.” Wow. That kind of support and vote of confidence meant so much to me. It motivated me even more to push myself creatively.

Lesson here: When you have big personalities, you don’t have to pose anyone. 😉

A guest showed Kristan and Andy a funny video on his phone. I like the progression of the next 4.

I love this next pair together. . .

This was such a FUN party. The dance floor was full the entire time. It was a pleasure to see Chris Koval of Future Sounds DJ-ing the event. I’ve run into him several times at weddings and he is simply the best. He creates a fun atmosphere, works hard, and handles himself in a professional way. Learn more about him HERE.

Don’t ask. . .

A goodbye from Kristan’s parents and a cameo appearance from the last couple I photographed–Felicity and Russell. See more from their wedding HERE. Coincidentally, Felicity and Kristan used to work together. Both hired me before knowing that the other had. I get kind of attached to the couples that I shoot so it is always wonderful to see familiar faces at a wedding.

Congratulations, Kristan and Andy!

Andy & Kristan are Married (part 2)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The ceremony was at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in downtown San Antonio.

This church interior, though beautiful, was dark. The available light was greenish.
It was a challenge, but I think it turned out well.
For you nerdy photogs, the above photo was ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/50 and K = 2575.

This one is maybe my favorite from the entire day.
I love how the stained glass above Andy and Kristan really adds to the photo.

Andy & Kristan are Married (part 1)

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Andy and Kristan got married in downtown San Antonio on 8.20.11.

Do you know that feeling of joy when you are doing what you were made to do? For some of you, it may be making a beautiful and tasty meal. For others, it may be making a business decision at work or playing a piece of music. Well that’s how I felt during this wedding shoot. This shoot internally confirmed that I was made to do this. Yes it was hot. Yes, it was a long day. Yes, it involved some tricky lighting situations (like a very dark church and bright midday sun). Yes, I’ve spent hours prepping and hours at the computer editing.

But it was so fun. A good friend shot this with me, and I got to work with a very supportive couple and their fun friends.

Thank you, Kristan and Andy for putting your trust in me and asking me to shoot your wedding day. Thank you for introducing me to your family and friends. Thank you for throwing such a fun party afterward.

West, I like this shoe shot so much that I wish it were mine. Thank you for a great shoot!

Kristan and Andy, it’s coming. . .

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

It is hard to not post this entire wedding right now.
I’m waiting to show Kristan and Andy their wedding photos face to face.
In the meantime, here’s one image to whet your appetite. I can’t wait to share much more.

Check back in a few days to get the full visual feast.

Felicity & Russell are Married

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Felicity and Russell got married on 7.16.11 at First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio. Their reception was at The Bushnell. Congratulations, Felicity and Russell!!!

Felicity designed and had these necklaces made for each of her bridesmaids.

Felicity’s jewelry included a charm from her father and her grandmother’s bracelet.

There is always that moment when a bride gives herself the once over and see everything come together–hair, makeup, dress, and jewelry.

One of the bridesmaids arranged these bouquets. They were beautiful. The pieces of black ribbon tucked in the bouquets looked really nice with the black trim of the Bushnell.


I decided to try for this shot during the planning stages of this wedding. I love how it turned out. I’m so thankful that these groomsmen sweat it out for Felicity, Russell, and me in the hot sun. They were a pleasure to shoot. I hope they like how it turned out.

This is definitely one of my favorites of the day. I like the composition of this. I have a soft spot for architects.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Felicity looks her most beautiful when she is with Russell. I can see glimpses of how they are well matched for each other when they are together.

I love these next two and think they complement each other well. Thank you, West.

After Felicity enjoyed this dance with her dad, she gave her sister a turn. Her sister didn’t have the opportunity to dance with her dad at her own wedding. I can tell that Russell and Felicity used their wedding as a tool to love other people.

Cascarones (or confetti-filled eggs) are a tradition here in San Antonio. Someone surprised Felicity right after the cake cutting.

Much of the playlist was fun, but it was also thoughtful too. Russell & Felicity played the first dance songs of many of their married friends who were guests at their wedding.

One of my favorites of the day. The rooftop at the Bushnell has an amazing view. I think these girls look classy.

Thank you, Russell and Felicity, for choosing me to photograph your wedding. I have enjoyed getting to know both of you.

Splash Day Magic

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I almost didn’t go. I’m so glad that I did. I had been working a lot, and I was very busy with each kids’ end of the year school events. You know, sometimes you just have to pass on certain things as a mom because you can’t do it all. But I decided to go to splash day because I wanted to play. I wanted to be a little less responsible and productive. I wanted to spend time with Harrison and his friends. I wanted to mark the end of the school year with him. I wanted to play with light in my camera.

I wanted to shoot for me.

I have done a lot of shooting for other people this spring, and there are parts of client work that I enjoy. But there is a lot of administrative, behind-the-scenes work that is hard and time-consuming. I grabbed my camera and went into it knowing that it might not work out. But when I arrived at the playground and saw the light shining through the water droplets of the “car wash”, I got excited.

The light, the water, the swimsuits, the colors, and the joy of Harrison and his friends reminded me of why I take photos.

I’m in love with my little boy, Harrison.

Splash Day was magical for these kids, and it was magical for me.

After Harrison got a little cold from the car wash, he and some friends worked together to build a river with sand and water.

Bluebell ice cream is a Texas staple.
These two little girls are attached at the hip. They have such a sweet little friendship.

Thank you, Katie, for being my Harrison’s teacher this year. I can tell that you work hard at being a teacher and enjoy it also. We are thankful for you and are excited about this next season of your life. We will miss you.

Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Our friends, Bekah and Lewis, invited us to their neighborhood, Dignowity Hill, to watch The 7th Annual Pushcart Derby this spring. It’s hard to describe the event well. It is a set of races that combine art and athletics with a semi cult-like following. The spectators included neighbors, families, luchador wannabes, barefoot backpackers, biking enthusiasts, runners, and this mom with her three kids.

Before the event, each team of participants builds a push cart. Two people run behind the cart and push. A third team member steers the cart up and around a grass covered hill. You can earn points for a creative cart. After a series of heats, the fastest team wins. It may be low tech, but it is super fun to watch. Enjoy!

No, you’re not seeing double. Note how the cart resembles one of its creators.

Welcome to San Antonio, folks. . .

Some of my favorite people all in one place
Travis, next year is your year to enter. We would all love to cheer you on.

You can see my crew looking on in the bottom left side of the frame.



Thank you, Bekah and Lewis, for inviting us to spend the afternoon with you. Thank you, Dignowity Hill, for creating such a cool event for all of SA to enjoy.