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The Stars Aligned

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I’m trying to make more of an effort to photograph all three of my children together. Last Wednesday, the stars aligned.

Emmie and Carter were super lovey-dovey that day. I think they were really enjoying spending time together in the mornings at a Spanish class. When they are in this sweet mood, they call each other “twinkies”. So right after lunch, I asked if they wanted me to photograph them as twinkies. They took me up on it. (I hope to share some of the photos of just the two of them later on.)

Meanwhile, Harrison felt left out so we invited him to come outside to be part of a “triplet” picture. They grabbed each other and while I impersonated a pirate, they all smiled. Carter, my collector, refused to let go of the craft he made that day, but I don’t care. I’d still say that the stars aligned. . .

Oh. . . and they all happened to be wearing my favorite colors, green and blue.

I printed this up as a canvas for Greg for Father’s Day. You can see more about our Father’s Day HERE.

Soccer and Braids

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

As you may have read in my post Digging a Hole, my friend, Lea, her husband, Damon, and two of their sons met my family at my parents’ home this spring break. When they arrived, Emmie and Carter enjoyed a game of soccer with Trent and Trey.

Carter didn’t want to be in the group picture, but Harrison was willing to pause his hole digging to stand in.

Carter and Trey teamed up again Emmie and Trent. There was a lot of strategizing. My kids were pretty much mesmerized by their older counterparts.

Carter can move pretty fast.

The next day, Lea wanted to braid Emmie’s hair. Lea has three boys so she doesn’t get to braid hair often. I think that Lea and Emmie enjoyed being girls together.

Emmie looks a little sleepy (or maybe relaxed) in this shot, but I love Lea’s expression.

Baking the Cake

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

During spring break, Emmie and Bampy baked a cake for Harrison and Great Gran. Harrison turned 4 on 4/4. Gran Gran turned 91 on 4/9. We celebrated a bit early because we knew we wouldn’t all be back together for a while.

My favorite. . .

My grandfather regularly blesses our meals when we eat together. I wanted this picture so badly that I set up a light in my parents’ dark dining room.
His prayer almost always goes something like this. . .

“Father, we thank thee for the many blessings of this day. We thank you for this wonderful day and to be with special friends and loved ones. Bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies and its energy to Thy service. May we be ready to serve thee whenever and wherever the call may come. Guide and direct us. Forgive us of our sins. Comfort and give peace to so many of our friends and loved ones ill, suffering, undergoing test, and recovering from surgery. In His name, we pray, Amen.”

This memory (visual and auditory) is a big part of how I think about my grandfather. I am so glad to have a photo that tries to capture some of that. And it is extra sweet to me that Carter is in the frame.

Four candles for Harrison.
Three candles for Gran Gran (past, present, and future).

My mom is the oldest of four. She is very close to her dad. She enjoys taking care of him and giving him seconds on dessert every time she has the opportunity.

Digging a Hole

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I’ve been working on family photos lately. I’ve had to go all the way back to spring break to pick up where I left off with the majority of my family photos.
Harrison dug a deep hole during spring break.

There is a spot just next to my parent’s driveway that is a designated digging spot. The rule is: If you dig it, you have to fill it up after a day or so. You also can’t cart the rocks from the driveway into the lawn. The rocks might get caught up in Grampy’s tractor and break the windows of the house.

Digging holes is one of the kids’ favorite things to do. This evening, Harrison was on his own because the bigger kids were playing soccer with our friends, the Kellys.

I enjoyed watching Harrison. With every scoop, he carefully put the extra dirt in the back of his truck and neatly cleaned off the blade of the hoe with his hand.

My friend, Lea, sat down beside Harrison’s hole and asked him some questions. I met Lea shortly after I got married–over a decade ago. We both moved away from Dallas. Last spring, I got to spend time with her family and photograph them. This spring, she was able to come with her husband and two of her sons to my parents’ home and meet my children. It made me very happy to have my friend get to know Harrison.

Happy Father’s Day!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!
Greg’s gift from us is going to arrive a day late, but he still managed to purchase a few things for himself. He was generous enough to share with all of us.
Even though the AC was broken in our house, we enjoyed a spirited battle indoors.

Greg, we are thankful for you. We love you. Thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for staying checked in even after all of those long days at work. We appreciate you. Our lives are all better because you are in our family.
And thank you for making our lives more fun!

Felicity & Russell are Engaged

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Felicity, Russell, and I spent the afternoon recently celebrating their upcoming marriage with an engagement shoot.
This part of town is special to them. They have spent a lot of time in this area getting to know each other.

I loved this purple dress that Felicity picked to wear.

I think Felicity looks her most beautiful when Russell is making her laugh. This picture seems to capture their relationship well. It seems like their close friendship is the basis of their love.

I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding in a few weeks!

Military Town

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

For the first time in my life, I live in a military town. Other than my grandfather who was a WWII veteran, I really hadn’t had much close contact with members of our military until I moved to San Antonio 8 years ago. Now, our family’s life intersects regularly with friends in the military.

I spent Memorial Day at a park saying goodbye to three military families that I care about deeply. One or both of the parents have been putting aside some of their own personal freedoms to serve our country. Now, they are all moving on. One family is entering civilian life in New York State. One family is going to be stationed in England. And the last family has been assigned to Ohio.

All I know is that all three of those places are far from San Antonio.

Sometimes it seems like my community is a bit of a revolving door of people coming and going. The majority of the time, the moving is the result of military duty. I’m sure that it is hard to leave. But it is also hard on us who stay. It takes me a long time to make friends, and it is painful to say goodbye.


And over.

I’m tempted to stop making friends with people whom I know are going to leave SA in a couple of years, but I’m not going to cop out like that. I’m going to hold onto the eternal hope that I have.

I may live in a military town, but I am a citizen of a heavenly city.

I am looking forward to being reunited permanently with these three precious families. Until then, I look forward to the emails, FB updates, and hopefully some face-to-face visits. I will miss you, Alleys, Ellers, and Higeys.

If you know these families, please leave them some love by commenting on my blog. I’ll make sure that they get the link so they can read your comments.

Camp Day

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Carter’s teacher invited Harrison and me to join Carter’s class during Camp Day, the final special event of kindergarten. Harrison enjoyed blowing bubbles and water color painting. Carter enjoyed making some beaded bracelets. He didn’t want me tagging along much so Harrison and I gave him some space. I respect that, Mr. First Grader.

Splash Day Magic

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I almost didn’t go. I’m so glad that I did. I had been working a lot, and I was very busy with each kids’ end of the year school events. You know, sometimes you just have to pass on certain things as a mom because you can’t do it all. But I decided to go to splash day because I wanted to play. I wanted to be a little less responsible and productive. I wanted to spend time with Harrison and his friends. I wanted to mark the end of the school year with him. I wanted to play with light in my camera.

I wanted to shoot for me.

I have done a lot of shooting for other people this spring, and there are parts of client work that I enjoy. But there is a lot of administrative, behind-the-scenes work that is hard and time-consuming. I grabbed my camera and went into it knowing that it might not work out. But when I arrived at the playground and saw the light shining through the water droplets of the “car wash”, I got excited.

The light, the water, the swimsuits, the colors, and the joy of Harrison and his friends reminded me of why I take photos.

I’m in love with my little boy, Harrison.

Splash Day was magical for these kids, and it was magical for me.

After Harrison got a little cold from the car wash, he and some friends worked together to build a river with sand and water.

Bluebell ice cream is a Texas staple.
These two little girls are attached at the hip. They have such a sweet little friendship.

Thank you, Katie, for being my Harrison’s teacher this year. I can tell that you work hard at being a teacher and enjoy it also. We are thankful for you and are excited about this next season of your life. We will miss you.


Monday, June 6th, 2011

A great way to start the summer (and a shout out to Trent K.)

Tough guy. . .

Sweet guy. . .