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Felicity & Russell are Married

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Felicity and Russell got married on 7.16.11 at First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio. Their reception was at The Bushnell. Congratulations, Felicity and Russell!!!

Felicity designed and had these necklaces made for each of her bridesmaids.

Felicity’s jewelry included a charm from her father and her grandmother’s bracelet.

There is always that moment when a bride gives herself the once over and see everything come together–hair, makeup, dress, and jewelry.

One of the bridesmaids arranged these bouquets. They were beautiful. The pieces of black ribbon tucked in the bouquets looked really nice with the black trim of the Bushnell.


I decided to try for this shot during the planning stages of this wedding. I love how it turned out. I’m so thankful that these groomsmen sweat it out for Felicity, Russell, and me in the hot sun. They were a pleasure to shoot. I hope they like how it turned out.

This is definitely one of my favorites of the day. I like the composition of this. I have a soft spot for architects.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Felicity looks her most beautiful when she is with Russell. I can see glimpses of how they are well matched for each other when they are together.

I love these next two and think they complement each other well. Thank you, West.

After Felicity enjoyed this dance with her dad, she gave her sister a turn. Her sister didn’t have the opportunity to dance with her dad at her own wedding. I can tell that Russell and Felicity used their wedding as a tool to love other people.

Cascarones (or confetti-filled eggs) are a tradition here in San Antonio. Someone surprised Felicity right after the cake cutting.

Much of the playlist was fun, but it was also thoughtful too. Russell & Felicity played the first dance songs of many of their married friends who were guests at their wedding.

One of my favorites of the day. The rooftop at the Bushnell has an amazing view. I think these girls look classy.

Thank you, Russell and Felicity, for choosing me to photograph your wedding. I have enjoyed getting to know both of you.

Ranch Trip (part 1): Fishing & A Good Man

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

This post and the four that follow it show our time at my parents’ home this summer.

Harrison caught this fish. Carter netted it for him. Greg was there to ensure that Carter, in his exuberance to net the fish, didn’t fall in the water himself.

In this one shot, I have my favorite men: my grandfather, my husband, my two sons, and my dad. The only one that is missing is my brother. He was actually in the boat with me trying to drive me around so that I could get this shot. It was so worth the extra effort.

Lindsay and Madeline hung out on the dock.

I also wanted to include some pictures of Greg’s time at the ranch. My parents had stained their decks about a week before we arrived. Either it went on too thick or the intense heat didn’t let it dry. When we arrived, it was still tacky and we couldn’t walk on it. Greg got to work. He rubbed the excess off for my parents.

I married a good man. I am thankful that he works hard and cares for other people. It is a privilege to be his wife. He even tolerated my photographing him from inside the house with the door open. After a while he said, “I think you’ve taken enough pictures to tell this story.”

Ranch Trip (part 2): Argentinean Feast

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

My brother and dad got back from a recent hunting trip to Argentina, and I think it lit a culinary fire in my brother. He’s been interested in the cuisine before, but he and Lindsay decided to prepare a feast for our family.

Food is never an after thought for us. Food is a real focal point for our family. We discuss it; think about it; and plan for it. We invite people to share in it. My parents, my brother’s family, and my family all make food and eating together a priority. Pretty much any time I visit my parents in the rural area that they live in, I bring along a few hard to get, specialty ingredients that they can’t get. This time, I imported almond paste for dessert pizza. My parents have a wood fired pizza oven that we all enjoy. I didn’t photograph the pizza feast from Friday night, though. Instead, I photographed the Argentinean feast that we shared on Saturday night.

Here’s my brother at the fire where he cooked all the proteins for the night.

Half chicken, a tenderloin of beef, and (later) sausage from Jimmy’s market in Dallas.

Skill at the grill. . .

Lindsay (my SIL) and Bampy (my mom) churned out empanadas–the high point of the meal for me.

My sweet niece, Madeline, pet Queso, her sick doggie, to try to nurse him back to health. (You know your family loves food, when you name pets after different foods.)

The boys hung out at the grill even though it felt like 1000 degrees outside.

It is hard to summarize my dad’s relationship with Carter in a sentence or two. I’ll just say that it is hard to keep up with either of them. Usually, Carter is talking my dad’s ear off about searching for bones or hunting wild boar or the next fishing trip. Carter is really attracted to the hunting/ fishing/ “guys’ guy” type of guy. Good thing one of his uncles and one of his grandfathers fit the bill.

The appetizer was baked provolone that got all crusty and caramelized in the oven. Lindsay served it with some sweet and hot peppers and some toasted bread. Delish!

The spread. . .

You know how bacon and potatoes are good friends together? Take that same idea and apply it to a salad. Lindsay made this salad with arugula, crisped proscuitto, almonds, and thrice baked potato “croutons”–really interesting and really good.

Pass the chimichurri, please.

Ranch Trip (part 3): Trains and Watching the Tour De France

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

My brother, Matthew, and sister in law, Lindsay, are triathletes. They have gotten all of us watching the Tour De France. I have to admit, I got hooked this summer. In HD, it is pretty impressive. When we visited my parents, we watched the stages of the race together. Harrison played with trains.

I remember playing with this train set with my brother when I was a kid. We even found a love note he had written to a middle school love interest tucked inside the box.

My dad rarely sits still, but when he does, it is here–in front of his computer. He is now a die hard Apple Convert.

I love this sweet moment between my dad and Harrison.

I like this b&w. I especially like that it shows off Harrison’s socks. Sock and shoes are really important to Harrison.

Ranch Trip (part 4): Paper Dolls with Emmie and Great Na Na

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Great NaNa invited Emmie to make some paper dolls with her.

Because these were American Girl Paper Dolls, they can with a lot of interesting historical information about the various clothing and the occasions that matched them.

Great Gran Gran read by the front window while Emmie and NaNa cut away. Reading and sorting mail is a daily ritual for him. I didn’t talk much because I didn’t want to interrupt.

Great NaNa reminded me and explained to Emmie that the basket we were using for our trashcan was made by Navajo Indians. Great Na Na’s Aunt Mary was a missionary to Navajo Indians. Several years ago, Na Na gave me a little Navajo Indian doll with papoose that I still have. This side of the family (The Nisbets) have always had a interest in genealogy and story telling.

Ranch Trip (part 5): Grampy’s Guitar Lesson

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

My dad, “Grampy”, invited me to hang out with him during his guitar lesson this summer. The real reason to go was to take photos of his guitar teacher, John DeFoore. John is a really talented musician who seems to genuinely enjoy teaching. He students include younger people and adults. He teaches out of an old hotel located on a railroad line in Minneola. It serves as his studio and private residence.

I’ll just straight out say that this is my favorite picture of my dad ever. He does not like being in front of a camera. I am so glad that I caught him relaxed like this.

Here’s some of the old hotel where John teaches:

John is a musical storyteller. I can appreciate that because I am a visual storyteller. He loves music. He enjoys his students’ progress and success. And he has a really active mind. I enjoyed hearing snipets of his life. I felt like, I only saw the very tip of the iceberg after spending time with him in his studio.

John has quite an extensive guitar collection. This is just a small sampling of it.

John in the lobby of The Beckham Hotel.

Before we left, Grampy and I headed upstairs with John’s favorite guitar. The rooms are mostly empty with a few pieces of furniture. And even though it felt over 100 degrees, I still enjoyed the sweet light and the time with my dad and my camera.