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One Year with the Bright Family

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Remember this?

Someone has been doing some good growing.

Luke, you were such a sweet newborn, but I am so glad that we get to see more of those amazing, chocolate-y rich eyes and that bright smile now that you’re bigger.

Playing peek-a-boo with dad.

Happy Birthday, Luke!
Thank you, Wes & Elizabeth, for allowing me to photograph your sweet, growing family.

Andy & Kristan are Married (part 3)

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Kristan and Andy had their reception at the Westin Riverwalk.
As a photographer, I love coming here–bright and clean rooms for getting ready, a professional staff, a great location, and beautiful grounds.

This shot occurred right after one of my favorite moments of the entire day. I asked Andy if he would be willing to let us take some photos of him and Kristan on the balcony. His response was this, “You are great photographers. We know how hard you work and that you are getting great shots. Whatever you want–we’ll make it happen. Just tell us what to do.” Wow. That kind of support and vote of confidence meant so much to me. It motivated me even more to push myself creatively.

Lesson here: When you have big personalities, you don’t have to pose anyone. 😉

A guest showed Kristan and Andy a funny video on his phone. I like the progression of the next 4.

I love this next pair together. . .

This was such a FUN party. The dance floor was full the entire time. It was a pleasure to see Chris Koval of Future Sounds DJ-ing the event. I’ve run into him several times at weddings and he is simply the best. He creates a fun atmosphere, works hard, and handles himself in a professional way. Learn more about him HERE.

Don’t ask. . .

A goodbye from Kristan’s parents and a cameo appearance from the last couple I photographed–Felicity and Russell. See more from their wedding HERE. Coincidentally, Felicity and Kristan used to work together. Both hired me before knowing that the other had. I get kind of attached to the couples that I shoot so it is always wonderful to see familiar faces at a wedding.

Congratulations, Kristan and Andy!

Andy & Kristan are Married (part 2)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The ceremony was at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in downtown San Antonio.

This church interior, though beautiful, was dark. The available light was greenish.
It was a challenge, but I think it turned out well.
For you nerdy photogs, the above photo was ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/50 and K = 2575.

This one is maybe my favorite from the entire day.
I love how the stained glass above Andy and Kristan really adds to the photo.

Andy & Kristan are Married (part 1)

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Andy and Kristan got married in downtown San Antonio on 8.20.11.

Do you know that feeling of joy when you are doing what you were made to do? For some of you, it may be making a beautiful and tasty meal. For others, it may be making a business decision at work or playing a piece of music. Well that’s how I felt during this wedding shoot. This shoot internally confirmed that I was made to do this. Yes it was hot. Yes, it was a long day. Yes, it involved some tricky lighting situations (like a very dark church and bright midday sun). Yes, I’ve spent hours prepping and hours at the computer editing.

But it was so fun. A good friend shot this with me, and I got to work with a very supportive couple and their fun friends.

Thank you, Kristan and Andy for putting your trust in me and asking me to shoot your wedding day. Thank you for introducing me to your family and friends. Thank you for throwing such a fun party afterward.

West, I like this shoe shot so much that I wish it were mine. Thank you for a great shoot!

Kristan and Andy, it’s coming. . .

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

It is hard to not post this entire wedding right now.
I’m waiting to show Kristan and Andy their wedding photos face to face.
In the meantime, here’s one image to whet your appetite. I can’t wait to share much more.

Check back in a few days to get the full visual feast.

Everyone’s Back at School

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Everyone’s back at school. I’m thankful that I’m down to 2 schools this year rather than 3.

They were a lot nervous and a little sleepy when I took this one walking to school the first day. . .

Carter started Spanish immersion this year. He has Emmie’s former 1st grade teacher. It has been a big step up for him–a new language, a longer day, a more structured classroom, and a new school. He said to me in an agitated way, “There’s nothing at school that reminds me of you–except my shoes, my backpack, and my lunchbox because you bought them for me. I miss you!” Even though it is a big step, I know he will do well. And I know he will learn a lot from his teacher.

Before school. . . worried.

After school. . . relieved. (Nothing like being a boy and heaving your back pack in the air.)

Emmie is in her 3rd year of Spanish immersion. I think her teacher is a great fit for her. She seems to be excited about reading and writing. She feels that her classroom is welcoming and organized.

Harrison made the big move upstairs at his preschool. It will be his last year there. He has Carter’s former teacher too, and she is fantastic. It’s an all boy class this year.
He waited as patiently as he could for his school’s slightly delayed start to the school year.

I love this picture of him!!!

He chose this red shirt with stripes.

He asked me to take these pictures of him. He was really excited about this garage toy.

I hope that my kids grow this year. I hope that my kids enjoy learning this year. I hope that my kids practice being a good friend to all types of people this year.
I am thankful for their teachers.

Goodbye, Keely

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Our family said goodbye to Keely at the end of the summer. Keely is my daughter’s best friend. She lived next door to us. We had gone way beyond play dates. She was simply a wonderful part of our family. I referred to her as my fourth kid. Her wonderful parents joked that we were her “other family”. We are going to miss her whole family too. (You can see more pictures of her family HERE.) The Salmons were the best neighbors we ever had.

For Emmie, it has been especially hard to say goodbye. Keely’s move is a very significant event for her. Emmie cried during the days the movers were boxing up Keely’s house. She “supervised” them helping them pack up boxes after Keely had already started school in her new city. She stashed a note in one of the boxes with Keely’s stuff. Emmie will look out the window toward Keely’s now abandoned house at night and cry.

Keely, thank you for being such a good friend to Carter and Harrison and especially Emmie. Thank you for working hard to be a peace maker when there was conflict. Thank you for getting bandaids for them when they scraped their knees in our driveway. Thank you for organizing Carter’s tackle box with him. Thank you for playing blocks with Harrison. Thank you for listening to Emmie and being silly with her. Thank you for letting us get to know you.

This pretty much says it all. . .
How many of you adults have friends that you can look straight in the eye like this???

This about broke my heart.

Keely, I am so thankful for you and for your family. I miss you. Even though it will be less frequent, I hope that we get to spend more time with your family.