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Pumpkin Time

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Harrison and I got to enjoy a Friday morning together at the pumpkin patch.

Harrison was re-enacting how Greg carried off a VERY heavy and VERY big pumpkin from this pumpkin patch last year. When we cut into it, we discovered why it was so heavy. It had the thickest skin on a pumpkin that I have ever seen. It was super difficult to carve!

I like this next series of three. . .

I really enjoyed spending this day with Harrison. I enjoyed taking pictures of him, and I think this shoot shows a lot about his personality. I hope you enjoyed them.

Nikon or Canon? Both Please!

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

So I have a secret. . .

I’ve been a Canon shooter from the very beginning. My very first DSLR was a Canon 5D. I got to know that camera backwards and forwards. I got so used to it that it felt like an extension of my body. I now shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II (the 5D classic upgrade), and I really like it. It is my go-to camera.

But for our 13th wedding anniversary, Greg bought me a Nikon D7000. No, not the D700 but the D7000. “Why?” you ask. Because I had heard from other photographers whom I respect that they really like their Nikons and this camera in particular. One of my favorite photographers switched from the Canon to Nikon system a couple of years ago. I’ve been shooting with both cameras a lot for the past 4+ months. The photo above was one that I took on my very first Nikon D7000 test drive.

And here’s the preliminary verdict. Take it for what it is worth. I’m just one photographer with her own shooting style. . .

1. You can take good photos with a Canon camera or a Nikon camera.
2. A certain camera or piece of equipment won’t magically make you a better photographer. Crediting an amazing photo to “a nice camera” is like telling a chef that his pots and pans produced an amazing meal. (By the way, I try to clench my teeth when someone says that I must have a nice camera. I want to hand it over to them and say, “Go for it. Knock yourself out. See what you can get.” Soon they would learn that great photographers make pictures–not take pictures. But I digress. . ..)
3. Nikon has a leg up on Canon in terms of its focusing system. My Nikon grabs focus more readily than my Canon especially in dark situations with moving subjects.
4. The Nikon D7000 handle noise better than the Canon 5D Mark II.
5. Canon has a leg up on Nikon in terms of color. Straight out of camera (before any editing), I can get better, truer color from my Canon. Now, I know that I am still learning how to edit my Nikon images better (which will take time), but it does seem like there is a difference in quality.
6. Canon produces better lenses. I just can’t get this one out of my head. My very favorite, pry-it-out-of-my-dead-hands lens is a Canon 50 mm 1.2. It helps to create such creamy, crisp images that I reach for it more often than any other lens. Nikon doesn’t even produce a lens like it.

So to summarize:
–I am reaching for my Canon more with portrait shoots.
–I am reaching for my Nikon more during wedding receptions or with fast moving subjects.
–I am thankful that I have both and think it was worth it (for me) to learn both systems. I want to become an increasingly better and better photographer and think both tools will equip me to do so.
–I am saving up money to buy the best prime Nikon lens. Currently I just own a good quality, f/2.8 zoom lens. I know it won’t be as good as the Canon lens, but I think I will enjoy it.

Harrison’s 4th Birthday

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

This year, we kept it simple with a birthday celebration for Harrison. We didn’t do a big party with friends. Instead, we went to a local state park as a family. I already blogged about our trip to the park HERE. On his actual birthday, I grabbed some special time with just him. We ate lunch outside at Pearl Brewery.

“Is anyone here turning 4 today? Raise your hand if you are turning 4!!!”

You may not know, but I am a toy nerd. I like getting my kids creative, well made, quality toys.
Automoblox are great. You can exchange various car parts and disassemble/reassemble these over and over. Harrison received a set of three mini Automoblox and one full sized Automoblox for his birthday. Click HERE to learn more about them.

Earlier in the day, I went up to his school for birthday chapel. We brought cupcakes for all of his friends.

His little face looks so sweet in this picture.

Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

We celebrated Harrison’s birthday the day before the actual event at a local state park. (Yes, I’m still posting images from way back in the spring. Harrison turned 4 on 4.4.11.)

This edit is different than my normal look, but I like it in color and in b&w.

We went on a little hike with our friends, Annika & Travis.

And even though I don’t love to post pictures of me (especially hot & sweaty), I’m trying to post them more often.

I’ve posted one of these way back when (right after his bday), but here are a few more of our feast. We had turkey sandwiches on mini ciabattas with aged cheddar and pistachio, mix herb pesto. We enjoyed fresh fruit and dried mango.

Harrison requested brownies instead of birthday cake.

I think the kids were watching Annika and Travis wrestle each other.

It is hard to say goodbye to age 3, but I am looking forward to spending year #4 with you, Harrison! I love you!!!


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I am finally blogging family images from the spring.
Fiesta is a big deal in San Antonio. Each of our boys had Fiesta parties at their schools. Both parties landed on Thursday (which is Greg’s day off) so we were both able to go.

Greg and I enjoyed a mini morning date before the parties. I still love this guy!

Our good friend, Charlie, is a Cavalier so he made an appearance at Carter’s school. We were so happy to see him!

This is our sweet friend Sophie. I don’t get to see her nearly enough. She brightens my day each time I see her.

We regularly comment in our family that it is hard to wait. I think Carter was concerned that the line for the raspas wasn’t moving quickly enough. Swing over to my post about Easter HERE, and you can see that this expression is a common occurance during “high stakes” situations.

fyi: This same truck strategically makes its way near the elementary school around dismissal time every Friday.

Harrison enjoyed participating in a little parade around his school and some dancing to live mariachi music.

Six Months Late

Monday, October 10th, 2011

O.k. I’m a bit embarrassed that I am posting such old stuff on my blog. This past spring, I was so busy with life and with photography for clients that I didn’t have time to edit and post my own family photos. Now I’m in catch up mode. So we’re heading back. . . way back. . . all the way to Easter. Yes, Easter.

We capped off our day of worship and feasting with ice cream sandwiches. Here’s proof that it totally pays off to break out the camera even when the lighting is not ideal:

Our dear friend, Leslie, joined us for the entire day. Woo hoo!
You can see more of Leslie HERE.

The hunt has just begun and Carter is already worried about the outcome. If you know Carter, you get this picture.

Greg wanted to prove to the kids that he could still do some gymnastics moves. Here’s where he landed after his cartwheel or back flip (or whatever it was) attempt.

A Brand New Duck

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Harrison and his friends got to hold a duck that had recently hatched at school in Mrs. Miller’s class. I was already up at school to celebrate Harrison’s birthday so I got to savor this magical moment of enjoying new life.

Swim Lessons

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

In San Antonio, you have to know how to swim or you will burn up.
It would have been hard to survive this past summer of extreme heat and drought without our neighborhood pool.
I grew up with a swimming pool in my backyard and loved that. However, there is something pretty cool about running into friends and neighbors at your local pool.
The boys took swim lessons early in the summer.

Note to self: Get Harrison a hair cut before swim lessons next year. . .

Harrison got into diving for rings this year.

This blur is Carter. . .

And this blur is Harrison. . .
For a little guy, he showed some courage.

Walking the plank.

Thank you for teaching my boys!

Race to Read

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Last spring, Carter participated in Race to Read. Over the course of 2 weeks, his teacher and librarian challenged him and his friends to read a certain number of books and to listen to a certain number of books.

Emmie helped Carter reach his goal by reading to him one night.


Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Emmie and Keely are best friends. If you don’t know who Keely is click HERE to learn more.
Before Keely moved, we did a girls’ urban photo shoot in downtown San Antonio to celebrate their friendship.

I love these crayon-box colors so much that I took a client’s family to this spot a few weeks later. (I’ll post those soon.)

And just a few more of our last days before Keely’s move. . .

Keely & Emmie had a sleepover. We made Shrinky Dinks. Then we got ice cream at Sonic.

Keely is cool enough to help Carter sort the lures in his tackle box.
Here, she is acting like a fish that Carter is catching.

Candy land

One of our last dinners together. It was full of silliness.

And one final shot of this special family–the night before Brady went to college and three days before they moved.

Are you ready to move back yet???