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Three Golden Boys and One Shiny Penny

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

I had the privilege of photographing these three golden boys this fall. I have been kind of stalking this family for a while hoping they would ask me to take photos for them. I really like each of these boys as individuals. They are all so different and wonderful. And their mom has a great sense of style.

So I’m pleased to introduce Christopher, Woodrow, and Brandon. . .

These next three scream, “Big, Side-by-Side Canvases, Please!”

I made a collage for this family. You can find it by clicking HERE.

Brandon and I found a tiny snail shell.

Woodrow is one of the most creative kids I have ever met. He makes art out of what most people would call trash. He built a large ship out of a box and placed it in his driveway. He sculpts every day household objects out of paper. He made a “lava lamp” out of an Orangina bottle which he filled with water and red berries.

My son, Carter, used to commission him for artwork when they were in preschool together. Every night my son would sleep with Woodrow’s shark drawings. There is a lot going on in this boy’s mind.

Brandon’s mom refers to Brandon as “Salt” and my son Harrison as “Pepper” since they have the same hair but in opposite colors.

Love this tricycle. Love the untied shoes. Love the toy gun in the pocket.

Two rays of sunshine. . .

Christopher, thank you for the way you care for your brothers. I appreciated all of your help during the shoot.

At the end of the shoot, Brandon (the youngest) gave me one shiny penny as a thank you for playing with them. That meant so much to me. It is in my nightstand by my bed.

Carter Lost His First Tooth

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

On November 5. 2011 Carter lost his first tooth.
The word “lost” might be too passive. He practically extracted it even after we told him that it wasn’t ready. I think he was motivated to make some quick cash and was worried about it staying in his mouth, so he wiggled and pulled. . . wiggled and pulled. . .wiggled and pulled until late in the night to prove us wrong.

If you know Carter, you understand this story on many levels. He picked the perfect day. We had just celebrated his 7th birthday with a party that day.

Here’s to one determined boy.

Carter, I can’t wait to see what kind of company you run as an adult.

A Timeless Romance

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Christian and Hilary are getting married next summer. . . in Scotland.
And even though I won’t be hopping the pond to photograph their wedding day, I did get to celebrate their engagement with this shoot.
I love how this shoot turned out. It was such a fun mix of modern/ urban and throw back/ vintage.

Glowy flare and intense texture = 🙂

Cuties. Hilary and Christian’s expressions in this shot are contagious.

This pocket watch is not a prop. Christian carries it everywhere. For real.

Congratulations, Hilary and Christian! Thank you so much for inviting me to take these pictures of you. I’m excited about spring bridals!