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Thanksgiving 2012: Harrison Playing in the Yard

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Remember my comment about Harrison whistling HERE?
See what I mean?

As you look at the cloud of pollen/mold/dust rising from the leaf pile in Harrison’s hands, you begin to understand why he coughs a lot at night. We have to stay on top of the allergies at the ranch for this little dude.

I’m sure that there is an easier way to empty leaves out of the wagon, but I don’t think it would look any cuter.

Thanksgiving 2012: The Only Time Carter Slows Down

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Even though Carter hates room time, he desperately needs that time to rest and take a break from interacting with other people. It is the only time he slows down at the ranch.

This day, the slow down came to a screeching halt. . .

Thanksgiving 2012: Pruning Roses, Hanging Out, and Visiting the Animals

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I think Harrison was starting to lobby for sweets here.

Greg thought the kids would think that he was cool if he brought 2 way radios to the ranch. Carter commented, “Dad, isn’t that like an iPhone except not as good?”
Emmie and Greg still came up with ways to amuse themselves.

Checking in with the BCS rankings is an interactive sport in itself:

We took a walk to check in with Brazelton, the donkey and Whiskey, the horse. Carter ran off to “commune” with the cows. Yes, he even serenaded them with “Away in a Manger” during Christmas time.

Whiskey thinks Emmie has carrots in her hand.

Harrison was on a big whistling kick over Thanksgiving. He whistled constantly. I think this image captures his gentle spirit. It makes sense why animals respond really well to him.

A little heifer has joined the longhorns.

I love that Emmie still kind of got dressed up at the ranch.

This Little Girl

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

This little girl is growing up. I took these photos last spring break–just 9 or so months ago–at Keely’s house in Dallas.
. . . I think these doll days are behind us.

Earlier that day, Emmie and I convinced Bampy to take a day trip to Dallas with us. She needed to take a break from the hard work of caring for her parents. She had practically been in emergency mode since New Years Day.

We enjoyed lunch at Neighborhood Services. Seriously, the tempura asparagus is the best fried thing I have ever eaten. And yes, that means that they are better than donuts.

We went to the American Girl Doll Store. Emmie wanted to surprise McKenna and Kit.

And yes, I exist 🙂
Even though I was a tomboy and never enjoyed playing with dolls, I want to remember this time in Emmie’s life.

Thanksgiving 2012: Acorn Throwing and Wagon Pulling

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Harrison and I went up to the local park near my parents’ house to play for a little while.

I think he looks like one of those cat wall clocks in this picture–the clocks with the eyes that move back and forth. What do you think?

Harrison found some acorns to throw off of a bridge that goes over a ravine.

He didn’t throw acorns for long. The playground was call his name.
Here he is sticking the landing after sliding down one of the old school slides at the playground.

At dusk one night, Emmeline, Harrison and Madeline pulled each other in the wagon. Emmie went into super big sister/ big cousin mode. She got worn out.

Harrison is good at making Madeline hyper.

Even Madeline took a turn pulling. This little girl was wiped out at the end of the day.

Thanksgiving 2012: The Thomas Family Annual Football Game

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Each year we survive enjoy the annual Thomas Family Thanksgiving Football Game.

You know this is a serious game when people start bracing and taping up their knees.

We added an extra down so that each of the little kids would have a shot at carrying the ball.

These are the lucky ones, who resist Uncle Ron’s persistent attempts to draft them each year. Some get a free pass because they are permanently on the injured list.

One of the best parts of this game for me was that the third generation is beginning to carry the torch.
Another bonus: only two people cried this year.

Carter even QB-ed a bit.

If you live in Texas, you understand the deep significance of this. My dad (a.k.a. Grampy) went to grad school at Texas. Madeline’s mom and dad went to Texas Tech. And Greg, Cousin Jenny, and Kendall went to A&M.

In the end, Cousin Jenny, set Madeline straight.

We have played straight for 24 years. One year, our reunion was almost cancelled due to ice. (I think is was 1993.) Thankfully, there were a few faithful ones who threw a few passes in the snow and ice just to keep the tradition alive.
Another memorable year included The Mud Bowl. Greg and I were recently married. We got mud all over us–even my underwear got muddy. Before Thanksgiving dinner, we all wanted to shower, and we started washing the piles of muddy clothing. The septic tank couldn’t handle the load and started backing up into the showers. Those were some good times. . .

10 on 10 (January)

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

10 images posted on the 10th day of each month–
a day in the life of our family

Today, I am telling the story of Christmas Day:
cake for breakfast
Superman style
2nd round
Up, up. . .
. . .and Away
Catch Me
New Polish
Pot Pie