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And They’re Off: Back to School 2013-2014

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Today the kids went back to school.
Emmeline is in 5th grade.
Carter is in 3rd grade.
And Harrison is in 1st grade.

This is the magical year when all three kids will be in one school.
(I guess there is a benefit to being kind of crazy and having three kids close together, right?)

It was a drizzly, humid start to the day.

I’ve learned to take my back to school pics mostly after the school day.
The kids are usually too nervous and focused on getting into their classrooms in time to relax for a few photos.

I’m pretty happy that Carter found a shirt that he approved of. He has a particular sense of style, and I want to honor that. This shirt has a bit of humor in it which reflects his personality.

Harrison begins Spanish Immersion this year so he will be learning a new language. For our family, Spanish Immersion is a rite of passage and synonymous with starting first grade.

A rare group photo:

Carter picked Harrison up after school and brought him outside to meet me. They beat Emmie out the door. They were happy to see me 🙂

There’s a little bit of a bro-mance going on here:

Check back in about 24 hours. I intended to ask each kid about their favorite part of the day, but I forgot and now they are crashed out.

Emmeline & Double Digits

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Emmeline turned 10 on 2.26.13. Even though I’m late posting them, I still want to share a few photos from her 10th Bday Shoot.

I’ll admit that ever since I saw this dress in the store, I’ve been dying to photograph E in it.

I love this girl who is beginning to transform into a young woman!