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Pointe Shoes

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

So this mom found out that buying pointe shoes is a bit like buying a car.
There are dozens of makes and models.
. . .And they are expensive.

Emmie’s teacher was kind enough to meet us at the Dance Shop where they keep about 30+ types of pointe shoes in stock. I’m so glad she was there to help us navigate through the choices.
The fit is so specific. I felt like the sales lady and Emmie’s teacher were speaking a foreign language as they talked about the fit of each shoe on Emmie’s foot.

What do little brothers do while their big sister tries on a dozen or so pairs of pointe shoes?

Emmie repeated the same steps over and over with each pair of shoes to find the best fit. Carter wanted to get in on the action.

Being a parent takes you places you never thought that you would go. For me this means learning how hand stitch ribbons and elastic onto Emmie’s pointe shoes for a custom fit.

I guess the next step is for Emmeline to dance these to a pulp. Grow. And repeat every year.
I am sure that she will enjoy them.

Ballet Recital 2013

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Emmie danced in her second recital this summer.
We are thankful for all of the wonderful instruction she has received from Connally’s Dance Workshop.

We enjoyed a lot of skilled and beautiful dancing in different styles.
If Emmie sticks with it, she has a lot to look forward to . . .

Emmeline, I enjoy watching you dance! You have worked really hard, and it is paying off.