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Harrison is 7!

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

I always try to take photos of my kids on their actual birthday.
Harrison turned 7 last week on 4.4.
It was a full day, but I am so glad we took some time out to do this mini shoot.
We returned to one of my new favorite places to shoot–some bleachers near my house.






Harrison opened up a few gifts at the end of the day.
We gave him this set: HERE which he loved once he figured it out.
He also asked for some gift cards to his favorite places to get sweets.
Sugar and the freedom of choice matter a lot to Harrison. . .


I tell Harrison often that being open to having a 3rd kid is one the best decisions I have ever made. He makes my life so much sweeter.
Harrison is gentle, observant, hardworking, determined, friendly, responsible, teachable, quietly confident, and kind. I am thankful for his precious life!