Karen Russell, Part Four (Art Books)

After our long morning together in Ashland (see HERE and HERE), we searched high and low for a place still open for lunch. We grabbed some Mediterranean Vacation sandwiches with Greek goddess dressing. We also did some “research” at a make your own cupcake bakery. I ordered a vanilla cupcake with ganache filling, cream cheese icing, and a drizzle of salted caramel. I wish we had shot some of these stories of the two of us together, but sometimes you are too busy talking and living. . .

We spent the late afternoon in front of the computer looking at some of our own images. Karen had a list of questions for me. And I had a list of questions for her.

Josh and the kids came home from a fishing derby. (For those of you from Texas, a fishing derby is apparently what we would call a fishing tournament.) The derby wasn’t a success. They were cold and tired so they got in comfy clothes and watched some America’s Funniest Home Videos:

Josh read some in Courtney Lee’s hanging chair. This chair made me smile because of all of its overconstructed, super-safe, able-to-withstand-hurricane-force-winds hanging mechanism. I’m married to a guy who would have done something similar.

I gave the kids some little thank you gifts for sharing their mom with me–not just for this weekend but in the past as my teacher. I know Karen has many students who are grateful to this family for sharing their wife and mom.

Josh and Cole started wrestling.

I think Cole lost this round because he ended up with a hand drawn mustache on his face.

Annie wasn’t afraid to defend her new coloring book. . .

The girls followed Josh Downs’ lead and drew mustaches and beards on one another.

I wonder if these mustaches and beards were still on their sleeping faces as I boarded my flight very early the next morning.

Josh Downs, I can see that you love your wife well in many ways. Thank you for watching the kids during the weekend so that I could spend time with her.

Cole, I love the way you think about life and the questions you ask. I love how you are sweet to your mom.

Courtney Lee, thank you for being willing to give up your room and share with me. I enjoyed hearing about the risk that you took and the fun that you had at camp.

Annie, thank you for my artwork. I have it in the nightstand beside my bed. I had fun doing arts and crafts with you. Thank you for making me smile.

Karen, thank you for helping me to become more of the person whom God has made me to be. Thank you for letting me get to know the real you and some of the stories (that didn’t make the blog) that have shaped and are shaping you. Karen Downs the person is even better than Karen Russell the blogger/photographer. And I always knew that the blogger/photographer was extraordinary.


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  1. Cheyla Breedlove-Miller says:

    Hello Rachel,

    You must have been the guest that Karen was expecting the day I showed up unanounced to see my nieces and nephews as Karen and her mom Diane were franctically cleaning/tidying up for you and well, techinically Ross is my only “blood” nephew that Karen and my brother had when they themselves were kids. But i gotta tell you..after I’ve known Karen ALL my life and she too has improved my skills in photography It is apparant to me that she is who God has called her to be in this moment and I’m so proud that she finally found the Lord & is seeking after him with all her heart. She took the time to sit and talk with me even though Ross doesnt even live there anymore and still to this day says she loves me .I admire her drive! I’m glad someone else got to see the “real Karen”..she is just a wonderful mom and wife:)


  2. Hello! I found you thru Karen’s blog and I am in awe. Is there a way to subscribe to your new entries/posts. Google reader doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and add your website address.

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